Interview 9 – John Geoettge

At age 21- John a Junior at Purdue Univ tripped on a stairwell and fell out a window 23 feet across his abdomen and broke T-12 and had 4 vertebrae fused together. Now 44, he talks about his journey with depression, medication, and being a paraplegic. He shares how the health of his mind outpaces the importance of the fact that he is paralyzed. Listen to his heart-felt vulnerable story of how he showed up for himself with his depression, having suicidal thoughts he realized he was not going to be able to help himself on his own and it was his duty to get better for everyone in his life. He found the combination of healing through an in-patient program at Sheppard Pratt (see in our resource section )and getting back involved with adaptive skiing in Colorado.

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