Interview 3 – Tony Schmiesing How a Cushion Saved His Life

Level C4/C5 SCI Quadriplegic – Tony has been injured for 40 years. How a cushion saved his life. #Syringomyelia- loss of sensation years later

Tony (High Five Athlete) hit a rock when he was 16 while diving in to the ocean and knew right away he was going to hit it – even though he didn’t remember that happened until a month later.  When he couldn’t move anything and the docs told him he wasn’t going to move anything or walk again, he just didn’t think any of it mattered…he was just going to work hard and fix it anyway.  Those that know that trying over and over will get you some gains, having an athletic mindset helped him with his recovery.   He left home and went to college and lived on his own.  He discusses how pressure sores stopped his life, he stayed in bed 4 days a week for 12 years!  No one could figure it out until he found – it changed his life! 

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