1 – Isolation & Depression w/CoVid

Susan · September 14, 2020
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Welcome to Mods4Quads!

It’s TIME! – for the community of SCI and those struggling from paralysis for any reason to join forces!  Our goal is to provide the largest online community healing resource for the mobility impaired.  This is a place for us to share our experiences so that we can all learn to heal faster from each other.

Enjoy these short videos on how to stay positive and healthy during CoVid!   

A Word From Adam:

“When I had my mountain biking accident in 2012, I did a lot of research to find resources that would help me wrap my head around my new life.  There wasn’t much information beyond the doctors diagnosis.  I wasn’t too excited by their diagnosis nor my chances of survival, so I decided to figure out my own ways to stay alive and flourish.  Now eight years later I am wanting to share what I have learned as well as create a place for us to all join together.  I have saved my own life multiple times as life in a wheelchair presents many  health challenges that we may not be aware of until we are faced with them.  If I can help you avoid these, heal faster, and if we can educate each other as to how we can achieve more life in our lives, I think we have a win win.”  – Adam Lavender

And please join our community! It’s FREE!! Learn, heal, achieve and get involved~

What am I going to get from Mods4Quads?  

  • FREE modules for how to learn healthy living in a wheelchair
  • Interact and connect with peers with your same injury
  • Hear from other mobility impaired individuals and how they created new lives for themselves
  • Learn from first hand experience on important topics such as stem cell, robotic equipment, caregiving etc.
  • Receive one on one mentoring
  • What’s going on in the country for SCI?

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