5 -Stem Cell

Susan · October 25, 2020

There are many options when it comes to Stem Cell Therapy.  Adam has undergone stem cell replacement two times over the past several years.  Mods4Quads is the perfect platform for SCI’s to share their successes and frustrations when it comes to this new procedure.

Adam feels that both stem cell injections were successful, but different.

I this Module you will learn:

  1. What research did Adam do and why did he chose the therapy he chose
  2. What other treatments were added to Adam’s cell therapy and the science behind it.
  3. How did Adam prepare his mind and his body for the therapy.
  4. What was the outcome.
  5. Would he do it again, and if so how would he do it differently next time?

PS) We apologize for the poor video quality.  Our aim is to redo some of these videos once we have more capacity.

We encourage you to record a video and send us your experience.

In the near future we will offer Zoom roundtables for SCI’s to learn and share.   We want to empower eachother to learn how to prepare before, during and after your procedures to maximize the best possible outcome for your Stem Cell Replacement. 

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