6 – Autonomic Dysreflexia

Susan · October 25, 2020

Autonomic Disreflexia (otherwise known as AD) is a complex health issue that can be dangerously and quickly life threatening for quadraplegics.  Adam has battled with AD hundreds of times and has come close to losing his life several of those times.

In this module we would like embrace eachother to realize you are not alone in your struggles with AD, and how to understand it and manage it the best ways possible to keep you safe.

You will learn:

  1. An overview of who needs to be concerned with AD and why/
  2. Scientifially speaking, what is AD?
  3. How do you manage AD?
  4. How can you be aware of when you might be at risk of AD and how to prevent it from happening.
  5. What are the medications associated with AD
  6. Adam’s Tips and Tricks on how he has learned to calm AD quickly down
  7. Adam’s Nueroplastic tools relating to AD


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