Bowel Health

Bowel Health Overview Module 3

Bowel health is one of the most important topics to staying healthy. Learn from Adam how he has managed to create a healthy digestion system over the past 8 years. You won't want to miss this information!

We are all unique and even more so when our bodies have been impacted by paralysis.  Learn first hand from Adam how he has changed his life to encourage a healthy digestive system even with paralysis.  This keeps us happy, allows for a strengthened immuse system and reduces pain and toxicity to our bodies. 

Being Sedentary

Pain Medication


Biorhythms/ Frequency


Diet/ Probiotics/Prebiotics

               0 gluten, 0 carbs, 0 starch, dairy, sugar

               Excess meat, overcooked meat


               Liquid diet

               One meal/day

               Consume calories in an 8 hr window

               Intermittent fasting – ketosis burns food more efficiently

               Fasting also stabilizes blood sugar

               Fasting increases growth hormone

               Carbs are in form of veggies

               Small amount of rice for grains



               He She Woo

               Sour Kraut


               Flax Oil

               Sodium Ascorbate




               Standing Frame

               Abdominal workout

               Abdominal massage


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