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Rajee Aerie was born in India and contracted polio at a young age. Fortunately, she was adopted by a loving American family. Growing up she never let anything get in her way and this can do attitude has stuck with her. As a teen she noticed there was no one who looked like her in TV shows, movies or in magazines. The lack of South Asians and disability representation in the media frustrated her, so she decided she would work hard to create change so that all people would feel included and seen. Rajee received her degree in broadcast journalism in hopes of being part of the change to include South Asians and people with disabilities in the media. After she graduated from college, she was faced with countless rejections but she never gave up. Rajee is agency represented and has appeared in TV and print work as well as speaking engagements and interviews  over the past several years. Her most noted work has been a national campaign for American Eagle’s sister brand Aerie in which she was featured on a billboard in Times Square 2x in 2018. Aerie is a brand she has always wanted to be a model for and coincidentally is her last name. Rajee wrote an op-ed in Teen Vogue, as well as USA Today and she was interviewed for CBS national news on being the new face of modeling.


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